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WallySkier All Buoy Timing Chart

waterski course & sinking system - course parts - custom waterski buoys

The WallyCourse and WallySinker systems are both Patented designs!!!

Note: This website will be continually modified to be the best go to informational site for us skiers. If you feel any information needs to be on this site or any different parts need to be offered send me an email.

Fellow Skiers,

I am the guy who bought Accusink, redesigned it and patented the new system (as well as hold the Accusink patent). In the spring of 2005, while installing a new course for our ski club, frustration set in with not having a one stop shop for slalom course parts. I then had someone from our ski club drop off an Accusink for me to install, followed by many phone calls from other club members asking not to put it on the course.

The bulb went on! I gathered all of the complaints about Accusink, designed ways to fix the problems and offer all of the slalom course parts on one website. Bam!!! Here I am. Along the way I found ways to build a better slalom course and designed the two systems together. Along came WallyCourse and WallySinker.

I have continued the improvements to include custom WallySkier turn buoys and WallySkier boat guides.

What is the next improvement???

Wally ( yup that is actually my name )

P.S. Thanks for all the help Weezie, Daddy O, Chucky B, Daddy Bill, EZE and Chicken.
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