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WallyCourse - Keeping skiing your priority, not maintenance of the course.

The WallyCourse and WallySinker systems are both Patented designs!!!

This system has been designed to make installation and maintenance of your ski course easy. The WallyCables are modular and color code for simplicity and used with the WallyPlates for the attach points for both the WallyCourse and WallySinker.

When comparing other systems make sure you find out everything that's included and keep in mind future repair cost/ease of maintenance.

WallyCables / WallyPlates / ss snap hooks / ss eyebolts and nuts / adjustable plastic snap hooks / 12 yellow balls / 10 red balls / 6 green balls / 250' ball line / 600' anchor line / tape for line ends

Not included
Anchors / PVC (schedule 40 pressure) - see pipe and cable diagram

Here are some of the advantages of the WallyCourse.

-vinyl coated stainless steel made in the USA
-modular design/replace only those parts that need replacing
-color coded to keep it simple
-heavy duty marine eye ends
-ss snap hooks allow for no tool assembly

-ss connection plate for WallyCourse and WallySinker
-once installed under ss eyebolt never have to unbolt again

No matter how safe the design is, common sense is still needed. Do not be a Snapperhead, wear a life jacket at all times and always have at least two people when installing and maintaining your WallyCourse.

Be safe and ski another day!!!


-Please read the instructions thoroughly and if you have any questions please email me.
-Check out the Video/Instruction tab & WallyStore for WallyCourse pricing and more info.

It is your responsibility to keep your system a safe depth underwater!