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WallySinker - Designed to turn your WallyCourse into a sinkable system.

The WallyCourse and WallySinker systems are both Patented designs!!!

The WallySinker is designed not to sink to the bottom, so it can be easily retrieved and maintained. The best performance will be had at minimum water depth. It is your responsibility to keep your system a safe depth underwater. System is designed to work best with the WallyCourse.

This system is used to sink a slalom ski course in order to provide regulated usage and a safer body of water. My goal was to develop a simple system that was easy to install, use and maintain (those of us who live on a public lake know about maintenance all too well, weekend warriors thank you very much). Designed by using separate bladders, one for air and one for sand, the system can be used on a floating or fixed slalom ski course in almost any depth of water. To keep it simple, I designed the WallyPump with a 12v motor which plugs into the power supply of your boat. Also, pumping the air in and out allows for smaller air lines and fittings.

First Fill Sand Bladders with play sand, submerge in water to get all the air out, and cap.
Next Install Air Bladders under each buoy and zip tie air lines to course.
Finally Attach Sand Bladders under course so they hang 4-5 feet above bottom.
Note Setup the system to sink as little as possible.
This will give you the shortest raise/lower times and best longevity on the parts.
Set up any deeper or if you want a stronger system use Bladder Sleeves.
*You are ultimately responsible for setting up a safe sinking depth for your course.*

Here are some of the advantages of the WallySinker.

Separate Air and Sand Bladder
-constant sinking depth of the course
-system can be used in deep water, not possible before
-easily accessible for maintenance
-small bladder size allows for spares in boat for quick repair
-soft material will not tear up your boat

WallyPump 12v Air Supply
-heavy duty diaphragm pump with rebuildable head
-pumps air in/out and pumps out water, sweet huh
-sealed marine box with tray for spare course parts

Air Lines and Fittings
-small size 3/8 inch lines and fittings for simplicity
-less buoyancy using the smaller air lines, means less ballast to keep air lines underwater
-simple to use quick connect fittings good up to 200psi...system needs less than 10psi
-purge valves on both ends of the course to easily remove water from the system

No matter how safe the design is, common sense is still needed. Do not be a Chowdah head, wear a life jacket at all times and always have at least two people when installing and maintaining your WallySinker.

Be safe and ski another day!!!


-Please read the instructions thoroughly and if you have any questions please email me.
-Check out the Video/Instruction tab & WallyStore for WallySinker pricing and more info.

It is your responsibility to keep your system a safe depth underwater!